2011 Opel Ampera 1Who wants to be on the road today, electrically, to suffer. Pure eAutos are mostly small, closely and look as if fresh from the hardware store. After a few dozen kilometers of the battery goes out of juice. Or do they look like a Lotus sports car, create up to 300 kilometers and cost as much as a condo. For everyday use this may keep the statisticians – but rarely the customer, the long range and short refueling stops are used to. At Opel sees it that way – and the electric car Ampera has developed. If he starts after 60 kilometers of the journey eSaft, automatically turns on a gasoline powered engine and the electric motor as a generator of electricity.
2011 Opel Ampera 2The Ampera, says Alain Visser, Opel’s management board, “is a brand campaign on wheels, because it turns visions into reality.” Accordingly, it differs significantly both inside and quickly recognizable from everything under the logo of the Opel lightning is usually still go on the streets. Who spends € 50,000 for a family car like the Ampera, which is about 20,000 euros more than for example an Insignia of the same house, who wants not only comfortable to drive. He wants to make above all is a distinct statement. Look, we belong to the avant-garde. We are responsible to the world. Accordingly, some large customers already have ordered the Ampera for their fleets.
2011 Opel Ampera 4If you’re traveling with the Ampera, the need to complain about a lack of attention because not even – before many acoustically register that they register no audible when he rolls past them, its futuristic design already excited the interest. The interior reflects the technical demands. Less by the two color monitors on the center console and front of the driver, but more by the apparent lack of conventional buttons – instead, there are sensors that react with gentle pressure on the surface of the center console. Who in the 4.5-meter Ampera takes place, finds himself in an ordinary sedan in the lower middle class. The front seats are comfortable, firm, provide good lateral support and can be much push back. The steering wheel can be adjusted in depth and angle. There are two rear seats. The space there is decent but not luxurious: The sloping roof provides for large passengers for limited headroom and also around the knee is pushed all the way back there in the front seat a bit tight.2011 Opel Ampera 5A little disturbs the large transmission tunnel, the length of the truck separates – is a part of the 288 cells housed the lithium-ion batteries that supply the electric motor with electricity. The rest of the cells is transversely mounted behind the rear seats. Weighs 198 kg and the battery not only ensures a pleasant, low center of gravity of the car, but for one with 1.7 tons of curb weight remarkably generous. Since just 270 times remain kilo payload. Since it is quite convenient that the battery also reduces the space for the trunk. With the rear seats folded is 310 liters – 50 liters less than, for example in an Opel Astra and about 200 liters scarcer than most conventional middle-class sedans. Who needs more storage space, which can fold down the rear bench seat and so comes to 1005 liters of luggage space. Annoying: The boot cover is a rather cheap-looking, fiddly cloth.2011 Opel Ampera 6

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