German carmaker Porsche introduced the second generation of sporty Cayenne GTS.

Although the Porsche Cayenne is SUV, it is still Porsche and on a winding asphalt road will be never lost. The second generation is in sale longer time and therefore it is time to expand the range of versions of this model. Also the first generation of Cayenne got after some time the GTS version. It was a variant focused mainly on the asphalt roads. The highest priority was the driveability. The same goal is reached in case of second generation of Cayenne GTS model.

Porsche Cayenne GTS fills the gap between the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo. Car is powered by 4.8-liter cylinder engine from the Cayenne S, but for GTS this engine produces 309 kW (420 hp), which is more by 20 hp than the version of Cayenne S.

The engine works with a standard eight-speed automatic transmission which has start / stop function. Thanks to this fact Cayenne GTS has combined consumption of 10.7 liters per 100 km. The speed 100km/hour can reach in a very impressive 5.7 seconds. The manufacturer specifies a maximum speed of 261 km/ h. Engineers did not only increased the performance but also lowered the clearance of the car by about 24 mm.

The front bumper was borrowed from a stronger model Cayenne Turbo. There is also a roof spoiler. In addition, the Cayenne GTS will offer a unique paint palette. The interior of GTS is standard with sport seats in combination of leather and alcantara. The interior is decorated with black piano lacquer.

Cayenne GTS prices will be set somewhere between the prices of the Cayenne S and Turbo around 100,000 Eur.

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