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The R stands for the Renault Megane R.S. Sports Club for racing. Crisp steering, agile rear and 265 hp – here breathes the air with drivers racing street legal. Spiced up lifts the Clubsport model in other cross-dynamic heights. “Now I make it faster,” the name of a cult tuning brooch from the ’80s was. Today could Bernd Hutter and Patrick Kirfel tell many stories, such as Renault-Series Sport models are even faster. Today we reveal the latest. In summer 2010, said Renault’s motor sport coordinator Hütter the Renault Megane RS Club Sports Project.

2011 Renault Megane rs sport interior 2Racing cage instead of rear seats
“The Renault Megane RS Club Sport has a street legal, but has been simultaneously developed for use in the new class V2T VLN series for 2011,” says project Hütter. The ingredients are the finest: in addition to KW clubsport coilover top mounts, and special seasoning Uniball joints on the front of the Renault Megane RS after.
2011 Renault Megane rs sport interiorBernd Hutter explains the reason: “standard, the RS has a negative camber of 0.5 degrees, we drive the Renault Megane RS Clubsport 3.0 degrees on the front.” In addition, spacers widen the track of the Renault Megane RS Club Sports at the front 40 millimeters. At the rear axle, the chassis remained largely on series values. That’s not all. Inside, the rear seat of a club sport cage Sahler fell victim to.
22 kg less, 15 hp more

On top of that removed the tuning team much of the insulation and cladding materials in the rear. This reduces the weight of the Renault Megane R.S. Club Sports in comparison with the super-car test at 22 kilograms. Further improvement measures: Thanks to a moderate reprogramming the series control unit in combination with Bastuck exhaust system cat increases performance by 15 to 265 hp.
2011 Renault Megane rs 2In addition to Endless brake pads on the track to provide nearly constant deceleration and Michelin Pilot Sport Cupreifen the grip levels increase significantly. The result of lateral dynamics of the club sports package is overwhelming on the racetrack. The Renault Megane R.S. Clubsport shines now no longer as in standard trim with serrated, but with razor-sharp turn-in. With extreme precision, it follows steering commands.

At Hockenheim, almost four seconds faster than the standard RS
Thanks to the wider track at the front is the self-steering characteristics of the Renault Megane RS Club Sport now a much more agile. Thus, the tail swings wonderfully with either a selective braking or Einlenkimpuls. The result of the make cup-air street-legal: With 1.13,5 min. Renault Mégane flies R.S. Clubsport with 3.6 seconds ahead of the Renault Megane RS without a club sport package over the finish line.

At higher temperatures than six degrees Celsius even faster lap times were possible because the Michelin Cupreifen then work even better. With cold Cupreifen is offered mainly in road traffic caution because then the tail like auskeilt. However, “traffic” in this Renault Megane RS Club sports anyway just wait, the life of the Club Sport model plays on the track.

Magnificent, turn-in of the Renault Megane RS Club Sport is now so accurate that you forget just to sit in a street-legal vehicle. This smells almost after racing. Via targeted brake or the rear Einlenkimpulse can be moved to the wonderful co-steering. Especially with the cool temperatures Cupreifen must therefore be heated strongly. Dear two rounds too much than too little. The brake remains stable on the track. The Club Sport package works: The R.S. Clubsport is 3.6 seconds faster than the production car.

2011 Renault Megane rs 3

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