Renault Megane RS 1Renault Sport is due to the fact that the sporting ambition is not even in the lower classes of vehicles stunted. The top model in the sports department based in Dieppe, the super test candidate Renault Megane RS revealed, namely a price-performance ratio of unprecedented charm: So much for sportsmanship so little money was never there. One could almost believe that this offer was purely tactical. Similarly shrewd supermarket strategies, whereby the customer will be inclined simply lured by bargain offers on the threshold needs to make a terrorist out of him and use his money to get hold of. But on closer examination, this case is somewhat different.

First, it is the Renault Megane RS already optically hardly a junk product goods. And secondly, he would come because of its technical design also rarely found in Ruch to try to prevent more car driver circuits with the help of subversive strategies in themselves. Finally, the super test candidate is because of his appearance and self-confident, given his pithy constitution with the best that can offer the auto market in general and the French in particular on the sporting sector.Renault Megane RS 2Renault Megane RS confident with handling
And then this price for the Renault Megane RS: 26,950 euros – a sum which the dancing competition on the same floor, especially the German, has almost ashamed. The question is allowed: Whoever, except in the French department of Renault Sport Dieppe resident, feels from the ranks of elite sports car supplier as strongly committed to the young?
Given the fact that the offer in the Renault exhausted sports portfolio with the Megane RS and the smaller models Clio RS and Twingo RS in this country that is not a promotion to higher sports car classes is possible, the program listing will appear almost as an unselfish freestyle. Could it even be that the bids of the RS Department of others, are consistently higher in the subsidized sectors active sports car manufacturers, to attract sports car-savvy clientele? But joking aside.

That can be bought over the sporty compact Renault Megane RS, at present no stronger RS-product of Dieppe, may indeed grieve the French soul, but even so hardly deplorable, as already offered here power to weight ratio of 5.6 kilograms per hp sufficient level athletic talent promises. On public roads, the nimble Frenchman leaves with the spontaneous and massive turbo engine shake actually attacking anything or anyone. Mostly it is even he, this sunny disposition characterized by light weight, much higher-powered opponents freely gives his ass round to the view. It is less the sheer power of at least 250 hp, the Renault Megane RS on the run from super athletes is pressing the advantage, rather than the compact appearance in congenial combination with impressive agility. Renault Megane RS 3Driving dynamics without compromising safety
So much ambition, as the front-wheel sets in the presentation of his athletic talents on the day, suggests that there are a variety of technical tricks attributed to him by the recognized status of the chassis-side-flyer. In fact, it is equipped with a particularly clever front suspension, operating with one from the spring / damper system decoupled steering axle. The “Independent Steering Axis System” (ISAS) not only provides maximum steering precision and traction, but also simultaneously reduces the influence of engine torque to the driving behavior.

Consequently, the impact on the steering actuator is reduced to a minimum. With this system, which comes in a similar form, for example, the Ford Focus RS in the Super Test is used, set its predecessor from 2004 to regularly conduct research to overtake, but not fine in this perfection. The 2.65-meter wheelbase, wider track – 1594 mm 1548 mm front and rear – which lowered by ten millimeters, and the special 18-inch wheels with all-round 235 millimeter wide secure footing in the composite driving performance, the next great driving dynamics also offers maximum driving safety.

Without ESP can start the fun
Even if the dynamics is far from being as strong of steering of the rear axle as it was characterized as the Focus RS in the super-bikes test the case, urging the Renault Megane RS, with power still on the pole position. Only very late, he suggests in the normal case by a slight understeer his unwillingness to moderate tempo zuzulegen further. Only in a stale peppy passages alternating with the rear corners is sometimes inclined, with some momentum, that is: nachzuhelfen Sidesteps. In extreme cases it may be even-tempered that drifts through all the Fourth enrich the driving program.

That it is permitted at all, this is always good approach to controlling the border area without interference to electronic control, a testament to the great trust that the engineers at Renault Sport, its latest design – and hence their clientele. Given the convincing all-round properties, it would have been a shame if the dynamic driving capabilities of the hardware in the control frequencies of a non deactivatable ESP would have been drowned.Renault Megane RS 4Sport mode holds ABS on a leash
The “Renault Sport Dynamic Management” is configured so that it over his responsibilities as a redundant system is also well prepared to let the talents of the Renault Megane RS completely free rein. With a short press of the first change from normal is initiated in the sport mode. The traction control system then allows a bit more slip at the driven front wheels, but without slowing down automatically. Also, the ABS intervenes in the sports stage a little later.

Moreover, the map changes for the electronic gas pedal: consequently it reacts a little faster on the appropriate commands. It was only after prolonged pressure on the ESP key to electronic surveillance systems are finally switched off completely. Thus, the electronic traction control in the Renault Megane RS is placed out of service entirely. This fact is completely irrelevant to driving dynamics, insofar as, alternatively, a mechanical differential lock further inconvenience in terms of traction thwarted – if it is on board.

Extras cost – even in low Renault Megane RS
The lock is exclusive to the optional Cup chassis, which offers in addition to stiffer springs and dampers with revised characteristics even with a wheel-set of tires in size 235/40 R 18. Unfortunately, the device initially acclaimed price structure of the Renault Megane RS so confused yet again. The necessary € 1590 not enough namely: Again € 2300 must also be factored in for the leather-covered Recaro sport seats. For those who are ultimately to be responsible for the perfect structure between man and machine. To refrain would be given the exhilarating driving dynamics undoubtedly give up a piece of driving pleasure.

Circle in the Super Test the small track in Hockenheim well below the time of the predecessor to Megane Trophy (1.18,8 minutes), in this configuration is finally easy. By the time of 1.17,1 minutes, the current RS variant proposes not only to his predecessor, but also in comparison to current competitors more than brave – have noticed without the grip-enhancing effect of special Sportreifen.Dass it but in the Super Test rounds not as rapidly as in the comparative test preceded earlier, is simply explained by the different temperatures at the measurement days in Hockenheim.

The difference of nearly half a second is less afflicted with the lower oxygen supply rather than the highly stressed engine tires (Michelin Pilot Sport) due. Its zenith was in the Super Test performance due to higher outdoor temperatures (20 degrees Celsius) already exceeded before that of the driver. The first-named is either in the first, but sometimes only in the second timed lap one – depending on the drivability of the Renault Megane RS.

The discharged below zero on a tight comparison test was run the same tire at least much more stable in the temperature range acceptable to them. To what extent the peculiarities of the RS-Body – F1-curved front lip, Radhausentlüftung behind the front wheels and rear diffuser – reflected on the performance level, is relatively difficult to quantify. Identify how the measurements in a wind tunnel, at least no glaring weaknesses are evident in terms such as aerodynamic balance. Also, the drag coefficient remains at a reasonable level.

The usual front-wheel drive with imbalance in the balance weight – 64.3 to 35.7 percent between the front and rear axle – is also the Renault Megane RS is a topic that will have no negative influence on driving behavior in the test. On the contrary: the smoothness with which the full tank 1409 kg heavy Megane RS completed the Super Test-duty program and dupe to it even the odd enemy knows, is remarkable, as he misses beyond little opportunity to prove his class .
Renault Megane RS 5With the exception because of the Cup chassis pretty hard to focus on long-distance race route, the awareness that the sporty suspension influential Frenchman adds casually and confidently to the circumstances which make available to the normal everyday life for him and his crew. His appearance – especially in jungfräulichweißer painting – has not prollig. At the same time he carries a self-awareness but to show that it scarcely put in a situation to fall prey to non-compliance. The honesty with which he stages his professional appearance, brings his own sympathies in those circles, where normally the legendary Churchill witticism – is announced – “No sports.”

It can be like the Nordschleife excursion proves equally impressive, extremely wild drive with the Renault Megane RS – but you will not be forced to do so. Finally, the four-cylinder turbo-sets in its most sophisticated variant manners of the day, making it easy to like him. He is neither loud and uncultured to work, he still getting used to bug you with performance characteristics. Complicated argument it is only when one is forced to explain the not quite inconspicuous drinking habits.
The reason for the test-average test consumption of 12.9 liters is premium gasoline, so the recommendation for upcoming attempts at justification, simply explained by the tremendous appeal that the two-stage of a twin scroll turbocharger massively exerts pressurized line four-cylinder itself to less sport-related types of drivers. The smallest movements of the accelerator says the two-liter engine in particular in the “Sport” setting, when he was stabbed.

Turbocharged engines for the very rapid response is part of the Renault Sport developers with the increased boost pressure (1.25 bar) established in conjunction with the new, variable timing of the intake camshafts. Anyway – the road performance is correspondingly confident. In 6.4 seconds – three tenths slower than the manufacturer’s specifications – it attracts the blessed with impressive front-wheel drive traction on the straight line test at Hockenheim on 100th pace To pass 200 km / h 23.6 seconds.

Attractive sports at extra cost
The torque measurement, a delayed response due to turbo engines of the earlier discipline unpopular shows, similarly excellent results. If they consistently sound arguments for RS is not yet convincing, nor only as a last resort, the reference is to the low fuel consumption, with 8.4 liters of premium gasoline could well give the impression that here gehaushaltet on small car level. Speaking of Norm: What high levels in the Renault Megane RS has obtained, shows an example of the test car, the sum of attractive equipment features the athlete on this subject and this class are not necessarily self-evident.

Zero mark on the leather-covered sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, a yellow highlighted tachometer scale, electric windows, keyless entry system, air conditioning, parking aid, cruise control, light and rain sensors, audio system with 140 watts of power, navigation system with 5.8-inch color monitor. And on top of a so-called RS monitor the information retrieved on engine power, instantaneous torque, throttle position, and memory function for acceleration and includes a lap time. This means, in sum a package that is attractive but well above the cost price, but wither the desire for even more miraculously leaves.Renault Megane RS 6

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