rolls royce hyperion 1Precious metal in the spotlight
Who does not know what to do with his money must go to the Dubai Motor Show. Here are the toys of the super-rich: Gold-plated luxury cruiser, custom off-road monsters and of course everything from Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls-Royce makes life in the desert beautiful and luxurious. With a car off the shelf – and no matter how expensive – can you stand out in the streets of Dubai, however, no longer from the crowd. There must be something very special.rolls royce hyperion 2Since Hyperion is just right. No less than the noble design company Pininfarina has released the luxury monster on wheels. The car was first presented three years ago at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, now the public can admire the voluminous Roadster: His new owner Alexander Pushlin demonstrates the Hyperion in the Dubai Motor Show, held from 10 to 14 November expensive plate in the realm of sheiks rolled into the limelight.rolls royce hyperion 3Golden age
In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the Titans, who ruled in the so-called Golden Age. In the world of the super rich of that era has never ceased, and the Hyperion is the perfect car to do so. Pininfarina took before the four-seater Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe, the 5.6 meter long and 460,000 € expensive open-air cruiser with a V12 engine, and tailor it to the ultimate luxury roadster. The body parts of Hyperion are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and were made with a technique that is used in boat building.rolls royce hyperion 4The same applies to the material used in the timber doors. Pininfarina has created in the past, at Rolls-Royce Hand: The Silver Dawn saloon of 1951 and the Carmague Coupe of 1975 came from the pen of the Italians. Apart from the mighty portal grill Pininfarina one-off production has much more elegant and graceful despite its massive size rather than the massive Drophead Coupe. An incredibly long hood and short rear recall classic roadsters from the 30s, xenon headlights with integrated LEDs adorn the front of the car. The roof disappears under a wooden cover.

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