Suzuki LJ80 1Rust is a general theme, such as the Suzuki LJ 80 is regular. Not only because of his unusual appearance had brought home from the LJ is a car for hobbyists. The few reported Mobile Fun are almost exclusively for loving screwdriver.

Body Check
First the good news: the hood and the frame of stainless eljot remain in the rule. Now the bad: Everything else corroded severely in front of him. The reason is that the LJ welded together from a few metal parts, seal the overlap after welding, and only then everything was painted. The rust-brown reputation precedes the LJ. The prospective buyer should pay particular attention to door and underbody, front and rear spoilers, side skirts, side panels, fenders and fire wall. At these points, the compact SUV is prone to rust.
Suzuki LJ80 2The original roof is not a reliable weather protection. The tarp was installed from the factory with snaps on the body as well as with the metal rods and loops Zurrbändern. First had to fold over the entire plane can be removed. Therefore, many owners of LJ-off the original roof and are limited to a bikini top over the front seats. Alternative will be offered a plastic hardtop. A view is necessarily to blame the purchase on the underside of the hood. There must be interested to make sure that the hood was retrofitted reinforcement. Because there were cracks in 1983 a recall.Suzuki LJ80 3Check-up
Compared to the body, the technology is a plus point total of the LJ80. Originally specializing in motorcycle manufacturer has developed a relatively long-lasting engine. Nevertheless, even the engine of the small SUV, not quite with little interference. He tends to mainly oil sludge formation. This means that the oil supply is cut into the cylinder head and subsequently enters the camshaft. For it is oil sludge especially if you use the wrong oil. The cause must be sought in the engine exhaust. A hot engine gasoline vapors enter the cylinder head, leading to sludge formation. A rattle from the cylinder head has indicated that the rocker has eaten. Also cause the silting of the channels. Semi synthetic lubricant prevents the formation of sludge.
Suzuki LJ80 4The cylinder head gasket of the LJ is characterized not by a long lifespan. Interested parties should also pay particular attention to the water and oil pumps, since these are long-lived candidate. The water pump must be replaced after 80,000 km, as well as the timing belt. The oil pump must be replaced after no more than 150,000 kilometers. The rear-axle differential lock, which is not intended as a parking brake and put the terrain use, you best shut: She tends to insert itself during the drive.Suzuki LJ80 5prices
When the Suzuki LJ 80 1980 came on the market, he surprised not only because of its idiosyncratic dimensions, but also because of the unbeatable price. The SUV off the road with his good qualities could keep up with some colleagues, was also usually much cheaper. Nowadays, one prospective LJ80 already get for the price of two sets of tires, but they can only expect a parts carrier. Is an SUV, it is not roadworthy for it. From 1000 € you get a little more polished chariot, but there are the nearest TÜV-examination is no longer likely. From about 2000 € is a LJ fan but one care, but definitely rideable terrain vehicle. Those who invested € 3,500 and upwards, can look forward to a rarity in good condition.Suzuki LJ80 6

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