fastest car in the world 2011 1What is the most important category in the car-quartet? Right: speed. And also in motorsport is the faster, more exciting. Reason enough nachzuschauen once, at which deflects racing series, the speedometer needle farthest. The surprise first: The self-proclaimed king class Formula 1 is not even among the top third Was the highest ever measured at a race track speed 372.6 km / h.fastest car in the world 2011 2The Colombian full throttle animal Juan Pablo Montoya brought his McLaren Mercedes during testing at Monza in 2005 to a record top speed. However, the speed was measured only by the team and not by official FIA safety cameras. At that time the F1 cars were still driven by immensely powerful V10 engines. With the V8 engines that are in use since the 2006 season and their development is still frozen until 2012, new records are currently out of reach. As well as helping to introduce the hybrid drive in the 2009 season, not much. At 350 km / h was the end.fastest car in the world 2011 3Honda launches 2005 Formula 1-top-speed record attempt
The problem lies in the Formula 1 tracks. Hardly a course has long straights so that the high-tech race cars can unleash their potential. Even in Monza, where there are three corners and two chicanes is little reason to brake, must be received by the engineers in terms of aerodynamic set-up compromise. The output of the wing pushes the car onto the road, it also increases drag. To find out how fast a Formula 1 race car aerodynamic without reins and with sufficient start-up may be, the former BAR Honda team traveled to Utah. Without bends, chicanes and other obstacles, the pilot ausreizen on the salt lakes of the State of the full potential of the car. When the tests came out a record of 413 km / hr. However, the car does not correspond entirely to the F1 rules and moisture on the dry lake actually prevented finally an official record attempt.fastest car in the world 2011 4Top Speed ​​Record: Top Fuel dragster 543 km / h
For our ranking of the fastest racing series we have also evaluated the course only really on the racetrack speeds attained. The fastest race cars that are on this planet compete against each other Top Fuel dragster. The American Tony Schumacher sat here, like his namesake in the German Formula 1, one record after another. In 1999, he reached for the first quarter mile of a top speed of over 330 miles per hour (about 531 km / h). In 2005, he screwed the record to an incredible 543.38 km / h. The race at the Brainerd International Raceway was the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) officially recognized as a record.fastest car in the world 2011 5Fastest Diesel-Renner drive
The fastest race cars with diesel engines are way, way in Le Mans. Around 350 km / h reached the prototypes from Audi and Peugeot in the past few years. Thus, the turbo-diesels are still far away from the eternal Le Mans record. Lies at 405 km / h and was set up in 1988 by Peugeot. Back then there was the debilitating harassment on the Hunaudieres-line as yet. From the 1997 record set for land vehicles, the “regular” Motor sport is still far away. Military pilot Andy Green with the Thrust SSC erreichte1997 an average speed of 1227.985 km / h over a mile.
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