Fifty-year-old structure, length 1.4 meters and weight 60 kilograms. This is the smallest car in the world. British Peel again began to produce limited series which is now almost sold out.
The reborn brand produces both original models (Peel P50 and Peel Trident).  The shape and design has not changed, but the technique is current.  Cars have an approval to operate on European and American roads.

Maximum speed for both versions is 65 kilometers per hour, both models have automatic transmission.

In the case of petrol version weight is only 59 kilograms for P50 model.  Trident model with bubble body is much heavier, its weight is 99 kilograms. Peel P50 measured 1.37 meters, Trident is longer, length is exactly 1.83 meters. Cars are produced with three basic colors: white, blue and red.

Minicars are suitable only for city driving. The most disadvantage is the price, aprox. 7000 eur.

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