2011 Top 10 off roaders 1The best off-roader – in the area
Assuming the question, however, to literally, can be quite determine which is the best SUV. Since 2007 we have super-test that represent the eight sections with a maximum of 1,000 points standings every terrain situation. The off-roaders is demanded of it all, more than once had to be stopped several sections, because the test-failed candidate. The unique are the  Super Test the constant, identical test conditions, the fixed test modules. In our super test site in Horstwalde may at any time reproducible test values ​​are driven out, bring in contrast to the usual gravel pit road trips other tests truly objective results.
2011 Top 10 off roaders 2Any serious off-roaders had to torment ever since by the super test track, and there are more continuous. Even though the trend continues unabated to road-heavy SUV’s remains, for tough terrain tasks still left a sufficient range and number of new publications. The work in Horstwalde we will run out not so in the future.
2011 Top 10 off roaders 3Based on the results of the tests we have super compiled the Top 10 of the best off-roader. In these cars you can be sure that they make a good impression on difficult terrain. Has surprised us in putting together especially how closely the candidates rank in part in the total number of points in a row. And yet, every off-roader has its specific strengths and weaknesses – while one is a famous climbers on rocky ground, the other delivers a perfect performance in the deep mud.

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