toyota hybrid

Twelve years after the start of the first series, the Toyota  hybrid has been established worldwide as a pioneer. Therefore, the third generation is on a gentle evolution – both visually and technically.”Just in time for the 21st century!” That was the slogan in 1997 as Toyota’s first hybrid car built in large series presented, the Toyota Prius. 2003 the second generation came with a more modern design and smaller batteries, which alone were 285 000 units sold last year worldwide. In total, 1.28 million Prius rolled off the assembly lines.

However, most of which run in Japan and the U.S., Europe’s share has leveled off at about ten percent. The reason for this is for the Toyota people in Japan are obvious: On the Toyota Prius-like reputation as a “car for the traffic jam” that could be used for driving the Europeans and especially highways little. Therefore, when developing the third generation of the Toyota Prius were better driveability and more power centered in focus without changing its basic concept. So the displacement of the gasoline engine in the Toyota Prius has been enlarged from 1.5 to 1.8 liters, increasing the capacity from 78 to 98 hp.

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