Toyota Yaris 3rd generation 2011 1The third generation of Toyota Yaris comes  on 15 October 2011. Officially to the retailer (the pre-sale has already begun): with fresh design, to the list price from 11.675 euro, with three engines, five trim levels, as a three-door and 5-door (each with 720 Euro surcharge to the three-door). Toyota Yaris: the 3rd generation is from October 15, 2011 from 11.675 euro list price at the dealer.

Toyota Yaris: successful small car in the 3rd generation
Toyota is the subcompact of Yaris the “central pillar” in Europe. A best seller is involved in with 26 percent of the total volume of Toyota. Since the first Yaris 1999 came on the market, the small cars at a distance of about six years is completely revised. 2006 was the launch of the second generation of VITZ, sold 270,000 vehicles per year. In this large footsteps, is now the 3rd generation Yaris and wants to address nippy dynamically, compact & little, spacious & flexible and economical in the usage of car buyers across the Bank, also families.
The Yaris – a family car?Toyota Yaris 3rd generation 2011 3
The luggage compartment in the Toyota Yaris is 296 litres up to 786 litres.
The new Toyota Yaris is one of the most compact and handy models of its class to be around 10 cm in length when compared to the second generation. As a whole comes the Yaris at 3.89 m length 1.70 m and 1.51 m altitude. Yes, this is very compact for a small car. Why Toyota at the presentation of new Yaris places the emphasis on compact, fast becomes clear: the Yaris to be sold as a small family car. And always the trunk volume is one in a family car.

The luggage compartment in the Yaris is 296 litres, which is converted about 8 boxes of water. The stroller should fit easily. However, I had no chance Golf with my Hartan three years ago in a Volkswagen with 350 litres luggage compartment without disassembly. Since only stroller helps wrap up and test from the dealer. It works to which the ratio of 60: 40 split rear bench seat in the Yaris, the boot volume increased to 768 litres. The length of the loading area has grown to 85 mm totalling 1.50 m, width 55 mm loading area and thus total 1,36 width. There, you get transported home also bulky items from the hardware store. Loading has become also comfortable because the tailgate was lowered two cm wide and the loading edge to 66 cm.

New interior design in the new Toyota Yaris of the 3rd generation.
The design of the new Yaris is characterized by a v-shaped radiator grille and a greatly enlarged air intake. In the Middle, the Toyota emblem as little snub nose, accentuated by a flat employed windshield. Makes an overall pretty face without to fall into the trap of cuteness. The instruments behind the steering wheel were placed inside. In the 2nd generation found they still in the middle of the dashboard. The Yaris is cool in the five facilities of Yaris, life, Club sold, and Executive. Here an overview of what is one of the standard fittings in the Yaris.
Toyota Yaris 3rd generation 2011 2

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