VW Touareg Hybrid 1Can these dogs lying eyes? This question concerns us, while we control the VW Touareg silently in electric mode on the supermarket parking lot. The horror in the eyes of both dog and owner in any case is genuine. One minute they are still swaggers through the shelf, as if the asphalt theirs. Now they make a startled to one side. No wonder. It’s also a pretty thick thing that has made the VW group since the 19-inch alloy wheels and is just as imperceptible, because it has silently stalked into her back. Proud 2.3 tons brings the double-engined Wolfsburg large SUV on the scale. With 1.94 meters long, it is wider than most people and at 1.73 meters tall and handsome man. And to see this strand of luxury off-road sedan is virtually impossible. And one must not be deaf to the “eco-SUV” to hear. For the Touareg Hybrid is up to three kilometers on electric power and thus almost noiseless. He can glide silently to peak 50 km / h previously, and that is thanks to the electric motor which is housed under the boot floor in the spare wheel.VW Touareg Hybrid 2Double heart-Power
The emission-free starting and acceleration in city traffic, however, requires a lot of sensitivity in the foot on the accelerator, otherwise the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with its 245 kW/333 hp jumps quietly and effectively into the breach. Here, the sound of the spontaneous re-entrant Nitro sounds like the relative silence all the more impressive. The switch from electric to “boost” mode under full load may sound impressive, but overall is refreshingly free of haphazard across the stage. If you throw the power of two hearts together and gives full “gas”, this makes for concentrated driving. The collective power of the unequal motor is 279 kW/380 hp combined. That’s enough for an acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, the giant SUV, despite his surprisingly effortless, almost 2.5 tons of weight, almost lightly go up to top speed of 240 km / h from the source. The electric “extra power” for such exercises, the Wolfsburg wins sprint during deceleration, which serves the electric motor as a generator. The clear display in the center console, you can watch the great currents of energy during flow, and the 1.3-kWh, nickel-metal hydride batteries in the “overstretching” and “charging”.VW Touareg Hybrid 3Luxury yacht with wheels
It is this test candidate at first glance, a Touareg as everyone else – now one of the big city traffic more than familiar sight: angular, massive, powerfully drawn. But the big “Desert Son” not only looks great, he’s also technically in itself: A super-precision electro-hydraulic steering makes the unwieldy itself outside dimensions of the off-road monster quickly forgotten and almost sports car-like agility gives. The new air suspension and an overall neutral handling make this trip on gruff asphalt surface for pleasure. Is the desire to Füßeln satisfied with the gas pedal for now, you can take things slowly, taking up the right shoe, dangle the soul and stressed motorists can “sail” of the Touareg to your heart’s content.VW Touareg Hybrid 4The engineers call it when the clutch on the Nitro release the accelerator pedal of the eight-speed automatic disconnects. Then slide the Wolfsburg “Dick Ship” on the middle lane highway, in fact, like a three-master, who is supported by the trade winds over the ocean. Speaking of “drive vessel” imagine how the sun deck of an ocean liner, the occupants in the journey from point A to point B – especially when the sun passes through the panoramic sunroof and tickles the nose to the passengers. The lush wood-leather-precious equipment does the rest for comfort feel of a luxury liner, and rear in the back seat, which not only provides enough headroom, but in its entirety by up to 16 cm longitudinally
VW Touareg Hybrid 5Offroad-affinity
Is it then in rough terrain, the Touareg shows quite different qualities. By pressing a button can be off-road program in the chassis to boot, a complex differential control of the Wolfsburg-based son of the desert can climb slopes up to 45 degrees easily, and promises even on slippery turf traction, where commercial vehicles already losing traction. In everyday driving qualities of this terrain will be more demand less. After all, they can activate Electronic stability control on deserted gravel-covered Behelfsparkplätzen begin to retest. This one gives an idea of ​​how much off-road vehicle is really in this SUV.

VW Touareg Hybrid 6Typical upper class is not only large and airy feel of the space on the leather seats that provide orderly despite chair-like comfort grip in all directions, but also the Boot: When folded down the backs packed off-road up to 1555 liters. Without fold are still almost 500 liters available for loading. Plenty of space with 85 liters of premium also summarizes the tank. And that’s good. A test consumption of 11.9 liters, which is significantly despite electrically assisted combustion engine on the specified standard value of 8.2 liters, will not dispel basic concerns of the eco-corner to the general need an SUV like this completely, just as the proud test car bottom line price of 90 325 €. And the starting price of € 75 500 € is almost 25,000 higher than in the entry-level V6 diesel. Questions about the practicality and sophistication of the drive concept? However, does not come on.
VW Touareg Hybrid 7
Technical Data Volkswagen Touareg:
Five-door, five-seat luxury SUV, length 4.80 meters / 1.94 meters width / height of 1.73 meters / wheelbase: 2.89 m, luggage compartment capacity: 493-1555 liters, Turning Circle: 11.9 meters Empty weight: 2 315 kg, max. Payload: 670 kg, max. Towing capacity (braked at 12 percent): 3.5 tons Fuel capacity: 85 liters;
Engine: supercharged 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine with 245 kW/333 hp and eight-speed automatic, max. Torque: 440 Nm at 3,000 – min 5250 U /, with 34.3 kW/46 hp electric motor, system power: 279 kW/380 hp, max. System Torque: 580 Nm, 0-100 km / h: 6.5 sec, top speed 240 km / h, consumption: 8.2 liters of Super per 100 km, CO2 emissions: 193 g / km, Price: from € 75 500 .VW Touareg Hybrid 8

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